NestaDB for iPad

What is NestaDB ?

NestaDB is a card type database software.
The simple and powefull database software for iPad.

Address book, list of collections and personal data such as customer management, sales management and other business data to organize the various data available for searching.

Has been designed for use with easy operation.
You can create your own database of many.

This software provides an interface 'Query by Example' for searches. This allows you to quickly access data you want.

NestaDB is a FREE application.
This is not SQL database.


  • Data entry using a form effectively.
  • CSV file import functionality via HTTP server.
  • Database can be sent email in a CSV file.
  • Supported by the data search functionality to narrow down.
  • Database fields can freely layout.
  • Field types are Text, Number, Date, Multiline-Text and Photo are available.
  • Scripting language is provided for manipulating the database.
  • Script is using the Lua programming language.

Getting Started

Create a database

Enter the database name to create.
The database name can be up to 60 characters.

Delete a database

Tap the Edit button or Swipe the database.
The database will be removed by tapping the Delete button.
Please note that this operation can not be undone.

Fields layout

Adding a field or layout changes can be done by tapping the tab layout.
You can change the layout are done entering the data.

You can make a query in to turn on the Index key.


Trigger can be specified Lua script to be executed when the data is updated.

Trigger type is as follows.

  • When a new entity is added.
  • When the entity has been updated.
  • Before an entity is deleted.
  • When the entity has been deleted.
  • When the value of field is updated.

NestaDB Trigger Tutorial is here.


Set search conditions using the data that is entered.
This setting results are reflected in the List and Form.

Field becomes logical AND condition, another condition is logical OR page.

Form of data

If you add new data, tap the + icon.
Popover will appear for input by tapping the cells you want to enter data.

List of data

The data displayed in a list format.

Pop over for the input will be displayed by long-press the target cell.
Sort (ascending / descending) can be selected by tapping the title field.

CSV import and export

CSV import via HTTP Server

NestaDB has been implemented by the HTTP server to import the CSV file.
To use the CSV import must be connected to Wi-Fi.
Upload a file from another computer browser to access the URL.

Scripting language

NestaDB scripting language is provided for manipulating the database.
Script is using the Lua programming language.

NestaDB Script Tutorial is here.

Database Backup and Restore

To create a backup of the current database.
Can run as many times as the backup.

To replace the current database restore.

Database backup is done in iTunes.
Sharing documents from the App menu, copy the three files below.

  • nestadb.hdb
  • nestadb.bdb
  • nestadb.fdb

Backup files are stored in the following file name.


Author: YAMAMOTO Naoki
Create date: 2012/01/29
Last modified: 2013/04/20